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Living The Digital Marketing Mobile Lifestyle Dream...


My primary GOAL in establishing DMML - Digital Marketing Mobile Lifestyle vision is to educate small business or entrepreneurs how to start an online business, implement digital marketing best practice techniques, how to create extra income streams using existing database or via PPC, how to implement profitable online business strategies to scale your small business. Find or solve other people’s problems and value add via online automation solutions. My aim is to consult business so they can focus on big ticket items.

Within my consultancy and network we specialize in business training, live events, online DIGITAL Marketing training, exclusive masterminds to assist you along your business journey. Within the framework you have unlimited access to:

* Masterclass Sessions

* Licensing Kit

* Traffic Masters Academy - webinars regarding latest online/offline traffic techniques (traffic fundamentals, PPC- facebook, adwords, you tube, solo ads, banner ads, blogging secrets, warm market traffic, direct mail, PPV), funnel creation and execution

* MLR - Licence Rights Program

* Done for you Videos

* Done for you Emails

* Done for you Articles

* Weekly Training Calls

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My family and community would be beneficiaries of this mobile lifestyle. Hi I’m Craig – Husband, father to two growing and developing boys.

Welcome to my website and online business adventure…

Currently my life is stable but over the past 7 years, like most we have experienced our bumps and bruises. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. While some events of past period is still raw, as a family we have moved on with adversity. In my book “glass is always half full.”

Today my business GOAL is to switch careers from IT EXECUTIVE to Internet Marketing Professional. Daily I am going to spend 2 hours per day working on value add tasks generating traffic to my newly created website and promoting HTAM- high ticket affiliate marketing programs.

As an IT Executive for a global multi-national, my role was managing a large successful service operations team across state and managing in-direct reports overseas. Due to nature of our customer base, SLA ranged from 2-4 hours to NBD. 24x7 coverage is the norm.

During my long tender, out of around 150 service territories globally I am proud to convey my services team was rated in top 5. Some days we experienced ultimate pain to service our customers, like most large corporations- lean operations is new norm, we often joked how to cut blood from stone. While we achieved many years of success my lifestyle demolished, as after-hours phone calls, emails, constant messages escalated, overtook my and my family’s quality life. Always in demand and little time to unwind…

Due to decline in work life balance I departed, leaving 15 years of relationships behind. So 12 months ago I embarked on new journey in Digital Marketing and in July 2017 I discovered MOBE.

Instantly my persona, vibe, energy and passion returned. All my life I have dreamed of creating my own company but fell short due to systems, creation of products, customer base, logistics, overheads, voices in my head etc.

MOBE Affiliate program is my shining light, my dream to service others by implementing profitable online business solutions and achievable via a mobile lifestyle. My business plan includes leveraging MOBE strategies, expertise, systems and products. Delivering this exception product to our customers.

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Enjoy the adventure, feel free to send in pictures of your home office…